Feb 28, 2012

Why A Street Kid?

In the documentary “Why A Street Kid?” the question is raised why so many children drop out of school in Namibia. In Omaheke alone an estimated 11.000 children left primary education or never attended school at all. The children roam in the streets and what can their future be?

In “Why A Street Kid?” street children are interviewed, their parents, former street kids and officials, school principals and policy makers. Without accusing anyone the film tries to find the mechanisms behind the dropout phenomena. In a very open and emotional way the viewer is taken into the world of the street children and their families.

And at points we see solutions in the vicinity.


The 53 minutes long documentary was recorded in Otjiwarongo, Gobabis and Windhoek in January 2012. Matilde Kulo wrote the script after a long research among the Zula boys in Epako, Gobabis and is director to the film. Maarten Rens, filmmaker from the Netherlands recorded the film on location. The Honorary Consul of The Netherlands and Maarten Rens Produkties sponsored the film.

The film was produced in cooperation with the Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare and the Ministry of Education.