Sep 1, 1984


BLEH, gypsies in South-Serbia (camera/prod) 1984

In April 1984 my friend Robert Boonzajer told me het met two Sebian gypsies with trumpets on a railway station in South Serbia. We decided to go there, by car, to look for the brass gypsy music: BLEH music. No violins, no harmonicas, just brass. BLEH

Aug 10, 1984

Fles 6

Fles 6
Tessel and Jona being 1 and 4 years old crawling through Schiermonnickoog

In August 1984 I took my daughters to the far east end of the island Schiermonnickoog. Our Wadden islands are "travelling" to the east. So we walked and crawled from east to west. From the new land to the populated end in 10 days time. As a father I wanted to know how we were together, the three of us. My dauters were 1 and 4 years old at the time.