Dec 28, 2011

Alex in Wonderland

Alex in Wonderland is a 52 min documentary I recorded during the creation process of the play in Alexandra Township, Johannesburg.

The theatre show tells the story about a girl from Alexandra, Morongwa, her family and friends with their dreams. Morongwa dreams of being a Star, somebody is dreaming about being a pilot, a soccer player, a dancer, a roll model. When Morongwa falls asleep she and the audience enters a magical dream in which everything is possible. She meets her friends, see them living their dream and learns of her true destiny.

Alex in Wonderland is loosely inspired on the classic story of Alice in Wonderland written by Lewis Caroll. Only now it’s staged in the township Alexandra. The actors are children from ACCSC, the theatre show is a visual strong performance, with stilts, puppets, moving objects that can transform in a Alex shack, a stage, taxi, magic box, soccer stadium and even a airplane.

During a four-month period a theatrical performance is created with children from Alexandra. This theatre performance is a co-operation with Alexandra Child Care and Support Centre (ACCSC), Twilight Theater Organsiation and Ubuntu. After four months of hard work the Stars of Alexandra proudly presents their first professional theatre play: Alex in Wonderland. Finally, now the show is ready to hit the streets of Johannesbrug. The street is the theatre and entrance is free for the community. During the creation of the show the project partner is trained in a theatrical didactic method, to ensure that after the project the partner can continue to work with theatre. And Twilight Theater will stay an important partner for the future of the project

The theatre show will be performed 25 times in and outside of Johannesburg. The premiere is on Friday the 16th of December in Thusong Alexandra! Starting at 5pm.

You can follow the Stars on

Jun 25, 2011

Sean Bergin moodfilm

3 min moodfilm for Sean Bergin documentary

The mothers of the Zula boys.

This is one of the interviews that stays on my mind.
The spoken language is Damara, isolated language spoken in the Kalahari desert of Namibia.

Feb 1, 2011


Special floors by Carine van Steen
Film work Maarten Rens
5 min

Jan 12, 2011

Haunting Nightmare

Haunting Nightmare
A graduation project in Namibia for witch I did camera and editing.
Matilde Kulo is graduating from Colege of the arts section media in Windhoek